Mobile Water Treatment Plants

We offer a broad line of mobile/compact/packaged water treatment plants for industrial and residential applications. These packaged water treatment plants are based on different chemical processes such as coagulation and flocculation, precipitation, Reverse Osmosis and ion exchange. These packaged water treatment plants are widely used for decreasing of the BOD and COD levels of water, as well as the removal of suspended solids from lake and river water. Besides chemical and biological treatment, water treatment plants are also used for removal of suspended solid from lakes and rivers.

Our mobile water treatment plants are available in different capacities ranging from 5 to 25 m, 3/h. These units are ideal for emergency water treatment and water treatment during calamities or for usage for a mobile unit like in the case of Army regiments units etc. Mobile Water Treatment Plants are also used for the extension or replacement of an existing water treatment system. They can be applied for the treatment of both surface water and groundwater. The compact water treatment plants is the best and cost-effective alternative for groundwater treatment. It provides facility for the treatment of water on spot and can even filter minute particles present in the water.

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